Ms former Hong Kong winner, Lee San San (李珊珊) disappeared mysteriously several years ago. Earlier, she shared video clips and discussed about her thoughts on Weibo. At night on 14th June 2019, San San uploaded a photo of going for acupuncture and left a message on Weibo: “I continue to see TCM and my auntie accompanies me. After the consultation, I realise I cannot be anxious and have to solve my health problems slowly. Hence, I must be obedient and listen to the doctor.

A few days ago, I was running a fever and assume I will recover after eating Western medicine. The doctor said it was “red” upon opening my mouth. The Chinese medicine that I am taking this week is to make my fever go away and it is depressing that I cannot recover from my health issue yet.

My acupuncture session is longer than my auntie as the main purpose is her head only. After the session, I am waiting at the reception and need to call my auntie as she has disappeared. I prefer her to take the medicine as she takes lesser haw flakes than me.”