Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) will be conducting her concert at Hong Kong Coliseum in July 2019 and is currently busy with the rehearsal. She opts for a healthy diet to maintain her body figure this time after realising that losing weight drastically is an incorrect method.

Sammi said: “This time, I do not try to lose weight but eat more so as to increase my stamina. I eat rice with vegetables and meat everyday and it is very healthy. Perhaps our thinking and the way we treat ourselves are part of the growing up experiences. I am turning 47 years old soon and discover the importance of many stuff in my life long ago. It is better than the concentration and worry such as health and safety.

The audiences are not here to see “skeleton” and it is impossible to have a breakthrough if lacking of good health. Previously, the loss of my voice and bruises remind me the importance of protecting my body and voice. I must show my best performance to the audiences this time!

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