Shaun Tam (譚俊彥) attended an event on 21st June 2019. When asked if many scenes of his filming partner, Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) were reduced in Forensic Heroes IV (《法證先鋒IV) drama, he explained: “She has a hectic workload and is currently filming The Great Soy Factory (大醬園) series. It is best for her to focus on that drama I discover she loses weight upon vising us at the drama set. I told her Matthew Ho (何廣沛) should be looking after you over there and it is not easy when she needs to take care of others too.”

As her 4 years old daughter, Renee won recitation competition earlier, Shaun replied he did not think of buying toys for her as a reward: “I told her it is unnecessary to buy toys every time and she can consider after giving away toys to the needy people. Moreover, her grandparent bought many toys for her and it is better for me to be a mute person who uses sign language only. (Your daughter is good in talking?) Yes, she has a bad temper. She does not want her granny to carry her because of her back pain but the truth is she behaves like a spoilt brat after waking up. I really must teach her properly and not to become a liar.”