Shawn Zhang (張倫碩) and Christy Chung (鍾麗緹) participated in Chinese reality show, My Dearest Ladies (我最愛的女人們) a few days ago. However, both had different opinions when buying sock and discussing food recipe and Shawn kept silence thereafter. Christy then squatted on the floor and he started to shout at her: “Your behaviour makes me feel very tiring!” Christy said: “Do you know I feel very tired too?”

Hence, the video clip about their argument becomes the top search on Weibo immediately. On 22nd June 2019, Shawn rebutted about the netizens’ criticisms and when pointed about becoming the top search engine after their quarrel every time, he said helplessly: “It is very annoying and I really do not want to keep arguing.”

As the netizens criticised that Christy supported him financially and he became popular because of her, Shawn said: “She does not support me financially. I am Shawn Zhang if without Christy Chung. My parent told me to have confidence and I admit I have a bad temper.”