It has been 3 years since Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) left the show business. Lately, she composed and released new songs (做你的晨曦) and Mommy I Love You So in English version. Linda revealed she composed the songs based on natural inspiration: “After getting my 9 months old daughter to sleep at the time, I really want to live longer and spend every moment with her. The song rhythm begins to appear in my head when patting her stomach.” She hoped to express her deep love to her children through the songs and her eyes were wet upon recording the songs at the studio.

The MV of the new song was shot when Linda returned to Hong Kong with her husband, Jeremy , daughter, Kelly and son, Jared earlier. She pointed her children were very obedient and the MV was wrapped up successfully. Linda helped to stick the jewellery stickers for the staff and it made everyone happy including the actress who played her mother in the MV. In addition, Kelly was very familiar with the song and begun to sing when playing the playback.

Lastly, Linda was very serious about the MV and had many discussions with the film director because she needed to take care of her children and perform well during the shooting of the MV: “I finally realise the hardship of being a mother after having children and the pain that my mother suffers when taking care of me. Hence, every mother are superwoman.”