Andy Hui (許志安) has been hiding since his scandal with Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) was exposed. A few days ago, he was stopped by the reporters while driving and revealed he felt better now. Andy also denied it when asked if he kept in contact with Jacqueline. Checking if he would be going to his wife, Sammi Cheng’s (鄭秀文) concert, Andy replied he was uncertain but admitted indirectly that he accompanied her to train in the gym. When asked if he kept in touch with Jacqueline again, Andy denied it immediately and emphasised he would do his part well and face himself.

In addition based on the news source, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) had no intention to go for holidays after completing his work. However, Jacqueline kept begging him to visit her in the US by texting and sending video clips to Kenneth who begun to turn soft slowly. Hence, his mother was very furious when Kenneth changed his mind to visit her and he accompanied her to buy groceries, in order to make her cool down.