Jess Sum (沈卓盈) wore a black bra with a jacket revealing her hot body figure at a lingerie event on 26th June 2019. When asked if her husband was aware of it, Jess replied he went to work early and did not see her outfit: “He supports my job all along and will not interfere in my work. He is doing lingerie business in China and should understand it. He always acts like an expert who studies the design and quality whenever I buy new lingerie. Anyway, we have the same taste and I prefer lacy and sexy designs. Lingerie is considered part of the fashion and can be used to match with a top.”

When asked if she dared to wear it at the street, Jess believed it depended on the occasion and she would not try it on normal days. Checking if she would be performing catwalk in a lingerie fashion show, Jess said: “It is hard to answer and depend on the limit. I am a conservative person and prefer to wear it together with a top. Beautiful, stylish and healthy are the most important.”