Samantha Ko (高海寧) wore a tight fit dress revealing her beautiful body shape at a shopping mall in Sheung Wan on 27th June 2019. She said: “I usually try to lose weight during summer and tend to eat more during the winter. Fortunately, I have poor appetite because of the humid weather. I am currently filming the new drama (網絡騙案) and the female lead has many scenes. It should wrap up in August and I want to look slim in front of the camera. (Compliments from your boyfriend, Tang Chi Wai [鄧智偉]?) Received many compliments though. I know the fashion assistant will be unhappy since I lose weight and my costume needs amendment.”

When mentioned about the first interview for Ms Hong Kong Pageant earlier, Samantha gave tips since she came from the same pageant and said: “It is a different era and many people will dig your background. What matters most is to be yourself and your conscience is clear.”