38 years old Scarlett Wong (黃心美) was exposed for dating Xue Zhilun (薛芷倫) and her husband’s (馬清偉) son, Justin Ma (馬桂烽) in 2017. As she was a divorcee and was older than him by 10 years old, his family was pointed to object their relationship especially after “On Sum” (安心偷食) scandal. Hence, Justin suffered from tremendous pressure and decided to break up with her.

A few days ago, an Apple Daily HK (蘋果) reader known as Mr Wong (黃先生) reported through (爆相爆片) that he discovered Scarlett looked lonely while waiting for a train at Tsim Sha Tsui station alone around 9.15pm. She carried a black tote bag and wore a black top with a black cap. Scarlett leaned down to play with her mobile phone throughout and took out chewing gum from her pocket, since the platform was quite empty. However, she appeared to be very alert once there was people and walked to the end of the platform to wait for the train. Mr Wong said: “It seems that she is very afraid of people recognising her and I almost cannot see her looks as her cap nearly covers her face. She walks to the end of the platform and keeps playing with her mobile phone. From the way I see, Scarlett appears very lonely.” Subsequently, Scarlett took a phone call and alighted from Causeway Bay station quickly after changing from Admiralty station.

In fact, Scarlett continues her simple life even after dating a billionaire’s son, Justin and does not follow her sister, Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) wearing branded goods and driving luxury car. It looks like the separation with Justin does not really affect Scarlett’s life badly.

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190701/59716152