Many people go for surfing during the summer and Chrissie Chau (周秀娜) is one of them. She remarked it was very difficult to learn and felt happy once surfing without using the rope. Chrissie shared photo of herself surfing at the sea and it revealed her fit body figure and long legs. She also uploaded a video clip of learning to surf with the coach’s guidance and finally could surf without the rope.

Chrissie left an online message: “Learning to become friends with surfboard. @calzedonia #the coach said there is reward after learning successfully #a new surfboard #is it real? #very hard to control #get to train my thighs #good sunshine #nice weather #no filter I really feel happy to release the rope #no ambition #when can I control it easily #the longest time that I maintain a balance #it will take a long time #feel very touched #a patient coach #surfboard” Many netizens praised she was smart.