Tony Hung (洪永城) attended an activity (全港學界STEM創意大賽) on 30th June 2019. When asked if he could handle the children as one of the judges, Tony replied he loved to pinch them and the adults lacked of creativity and curiosity after working. He added he was weak in technology but strong in sports such as running and swimming since little. Tony beat his foreign classmates and felt he was a person who maintained a good balance: “I might become a sportsman or fitness teacher if not joining the industry. I need to do more exercises since have been using my brain often in recent years.”

Mentioning that his girlfriend, Inez Leong (梁諾妍) was a running coach, Tony admitted they had common interest because of it and she made him felt young again. When suggested him to participate in the marathon, Tony pointed he planned to run together with Inez in special places such as Boston and Uzbekistan. Inez could run while he admired the scenery and both met up at the final meeting point, but his girlfriend blasted him: “I really want to run together with her and it should be a happy moment to a couple. Other than accompanying her boyfriend to eat together, a good boyfriend should participate in a marathon with his girlfriend.”