It was Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) first public appearance after confessing his ended relationship with Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) at an event in a shopping mall on 6th July 2019. They became friends again and Kenneth used similar answers to reply to the reporters, but refusing to reveal if he kept in contact and would reconcile with Jacqueline

During an interview, Kenneth kept perspiring and using tissues to wipe his sweat. When asked if he was an eligible bachelor now, Kenneth said: “It is unnecessary to talk about this and I cannot control the media anyway. Jacqueline and I are friends now and please give a chance to her, since the public has reprimanded her for some time. I feel everyone is over-reacted and it is our private affair after all. (Defending her?) It is enough and everyone makes mistake. (Did she contact you?) I am not saying it as everyone will keep mentioning about it. (Aware of her location?) Nothing to say and I should not say anything on her behalf.”

Checking about their current status, Kenneth did not respond and feel clueless about the public kept asking the same questions. When asked if both met up, he said: “You know her location and she is studying in another country. (Helping her to make a comeback by saying less stuff?) Not helping her but I feel the public and netizens have over-reacted. It is our private affair and we are friends now. Why is everybody not letting her off? (Giving her a chance to make on-screen appearances again?) Nope. Anyway, it is over now. Please stop scolding her and she knows she makes a mistake. As I mentioned before, she is still young and has a long road ahead and please let her off.”

In addition, Kenneth emphasised Jacqueline was not a public enemy and hoped everyone would forget about it and move on. Asking if they were friends now, he said: “We are friends all along and unaffected by this issue. Please stay calm and everyone makes mistake. Why can’t you give her another chance? (Ready to accept a new romance?) I am not answering it and it does not matter if I am ready. (What happens if she requests for a reconciliation?) It is meaningless to answer a hypothetical question. (Have you recovered?) I already answered it previously and no longer feel mad after a short period of time. Nobody is perfect in this world.”