Raymond Lam (林峯) completed holding his concert in Shanghai not long ago and it was the last stop for his concert. He felt it was a pity as there was an important person absent at his concert and he was his singing teacher: “Shanghai is very important to me. I started to learn singing in Shanghai around 10 years old and my teacher fails to come to my concert this time, because he feels unwell. Hopefully he can come over to Shanghai next time and watch my performance on the stage.”

In the past few months, Raymond finished his world tour concert in Macau, Foshan and Shanghai and remained in a tip-top condition, During the water segment, he even removed his top and challenged a 360-degree-view stage. It made the fans crazy and they tried to pull him down as well.

After completing the concert, Raymond felt overjoyed and touched upon seeing the audiences’ supports for him. He revealed he would be holding a new major scale concert and preparing his new songs next year. When mentioned about Raymond’s girlfriend, Carina Zhang (張馨月) turned up at his concert in Shanghai and took photos with his fans, his manager replied he would not answer Raymond’s private affair.

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