TV King, Roger Kwok (郭晉安) films one TVB drama per year and has additional opportunities to develop his career in Mainland China, after joining Wong Cho Lam’s (王祖藍) company lately. He seldom works in overseas as his children are small in the past and he begins to change his mind when they are growing up slowly. Roger revealed he agreed to film a Chinese drama earlier: “Honestly speaking, it is a torture to leave my kids when they are small and understand my working hours is not fixed after growing up. My daughter is clingy to me and cries during the video chatting. Perhaps it is her character and she loves the family very much. As for my son, he is sentimental, outgoing and plans to pursue his studies in overseas after studying in Hong Kong for another few years. His thinking resembles to Westerner and it is good to train his independence.”

When asked if he thought of winning any awards, Roger said: “Everyone definitely wishes to win an award but we should not only have this aim when working and we might end up doing something that we dislike.” Despite working in the industry for many years, but Roger wished to challenge a role character: “I have not played a historical figure before and you normally need to have charisma. I believe I will have this opportunity upon improving my acting skills in the future.”

In TVB drama, Big White Duel (白色強人), Roger played a neurologist and encouraged restructuring. In the first few episodes, he became the director of a hospital and emphasised he was not a villain but used a different method to save people: “My role character looks hard to analyse and it depends on the audiences’ perspectives. I used to play a good and bad guy openly and want to show the audiences that my role character is realistic. It is not simply based on the surface and I must prepare my homework well. There is more dialogues internally and I must show my mood and emotion clearly.”

Despite being a TV King thrice, but not everyone will admire Roger’s acting skills and his children chose to watch other films: “I reckon they will not watch my drama and are clueless about it. My 11 years old son loves to watch Marvel films and cries when the Iron Man is dead. I asked him what he will do when I am not around in the future and really hope he will watch all my drama secretly one day, so that he will understand that it is not easy to make a living. Although I do not fight like in Marvel films, but he is aware of my hardship and watches my series before. I know he inherits my character such as saying something contrary to the truth.”