Ali Lee (李佳芯) attended a promotion campaign for TVB drama, Big White Duel (白色強人) on 7th July 2019 and expressed she would miss the finale airing next week: “Many friends told me I have little scenes initially but my role character will be conveying the messages when coming near to the ending. Everyone is discussing about the relapse of my illness, chances of my recovery and next step after the recovery. We will have an answer next week.”

Despite receiving good reviews for Big White Duel series, but the youngsters and netizens did not feel proud when watching TVB drama. Ali felt unhappy upon hearing the negative comments and said: “Everyone has different preferences. Some artistes and operation staff really do not sleep in order to produce the drama which suit everybody’s tastes. Hence, we definitely deserve some encouragements.”

When mentioned about changing the youngsters’ opinions, Ali believed she was not qualified yet: “I lack of this ability to change everyone’s thinking. I will try my best to do my part well and hopefully everybody will see my efforts. (But the audiences have a wide drama selection now?) It is unavoidable and hard to predict the winner and loser. Every place has different resources and the company has room for improvements. It is important for the artistes to upgrade themselves and receive additional resources from the firm. It will be good as long as everyone puts in efforts.”

Although crowned as TV Queen, but Ali continued to upgrade herself and watch different types of films and drama to improve her acting skills. She revealed it was essential to read books and watch movies as part of the upgrading: “I watch Spider-Man: Far From Home (蜘蛛俠) film and want to recommend another movie, Parasite (上流寄生族) to the audiences, as it is a wonderful plot with good cast team members. I believe it is a low budget film but it conveys a message to us.”