Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) attended the promotion activity for the wedding gifts in Sha Tin on 8th July 2019. She revealed Cheng Sze Kwan (鄭詩君) would be getting married in year end and planning to disguise as one of the brothers. He also requested her to manage the finance and Priscilla said: “I always help him to save money and discount coupons during every event. He planned to buy branded top for his brothers but I told him it was a a waste of money and will be looking for similar designs in Sham Shui Po. Initially, he wanted to invite me to the sisters’ group but I dislike wearing skirt and high heels.”

Priscilla added she was currently taking tonics with Sze Kwan and his girlfriend due to their poor health. When asked if her purpose was to have a baby, Priscilla said: “Because of hosting a show. (Not anxious?) My husband wants to find a baby who knows how to take care of himself and go to the toilet alone once born. Honestly speaking, he is caring, has more patience and plays with Sze Kwan’s cat for a few hours. He takes care of my dog well too. (He will be a good father?) Well, he is good in taking care of cat and dog though.”