Gigi Leung (梁詠琪) filmed an advertisement for the medical beauty centre earlier. She played a nasty grandmother, financial consultant and killer previously and has a different image this time. Gigi wore a long evening gown and made elegant postures while lying in a big pool.

Gigi said: “There is some difficulty this time and I want to create a light and moisturising effect. Some staff keep trying to splash water which got into my eyes and affected the filming progress. My arm has to be in the water and it is tiring to place another arm on top of my head. My arm feels sore after reaching home but it achieves good effects and I treat it as training in the gym.”

In addition, Gigi remained professional and did not complain throughout the shooting: “I have to look beautiful and stay in the water for 4 hours and my whole body becomes wrinkled. On that day, the hairstylist and make-up artiste keep re-applying make-up for me and everyone is professional and serious. What matters most is the effects.”