Kenneth Ma (馬國明) was attacked by the protestors because of TVB’s alleged pro-Beijing bias in the coverage of recent political protests in the city on 14th July 2019. When asked about his safety on the back stage, Kenneth said: “I am not worried about it. Honestly, we are working for the company and the organisation committee makes the final decision to cancel DSE event previously. The activity is supposed to cancel today but the organisation committee decides to continue. Hence, we must work since the boss gives us salary. (Discuss about your safety issue?) Nope. I did not ask them. (Enhanced the security protection?) I do not make the final call as it is arranged and decided by the organisation committee.”

Kenneth pointed the organisation committee had arranged the security protection and the children safety was the most important: “It is best not to have any unhappy incidents and injuries. (Informing the company?) It knows what to do and inappropriate for me to make many comments. (Did TVB news department say anything?) I cannot represent them and let’s see what the firm says. I know some people are unhappy and admit about my dissatisfaction to live in Hong Kong. Honestly, everyone has his/her own difficulties and what matters most is the safety. (What is your dissatisfaction?) Oh well, it is best not to say it. (Affect your workload?) Nope. I continue to film series and my workload remains almost the same.”