Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) held the third session of the concert at Hong Kong Coliseum on 14th July 2019 and her husband, Andy Hui (許志安) continued to show his support. On Instagram, she shared photo of herself at the back stage and left a message: “The third session! I will continue to put in full efforts and the golden hair is back again.”

As one of the photos showed Andy sitting behind, it became a heated discussion among the netizens and some pointed he was trying to get publicity. Despite Sammi forgave him, they refused to forgive him and would shout if he went up to the stage.

However, many Sammi’s fans defended Andy and should not add in anymore comments since she had forgiven him. One fan said: “It is normal for a husband to support his wife and he will be pointed heartless if fails to turn up. It is alright if you do not forgive him and what matters most is Sammi has forgiven him.”

Some netizen said calmly: “Since our favourite idol has forgiven him, we should support Sammi and I believe she wants us to forgive Andy too. Please give him another chance and hopefully he will treat her well. Please do not make her heartbroken again and hope they will have a blissful marriage.”