Chris Lai (黎諾懿) hosted the show, Men’s Kitchen (懿想得到) and ate durians with Mayanne Mak (麥美恩) without caring about their images in Malaysia in the episode aired on 11th July 2019. He made French toast by using durians for her and Mayanne accepted the challenge to make curry chicken rice for 3 men. One guy who wore spectacle sang song and another composed poem to her. Mayanne begun to shout after the third man removed his top and revealed his muscles. The muscular guy squeezed two tomatoes to attract her attention and it caused her to laugh immediately.

In addition, Mayanne expressed she was currently single and would announce if dating in the future. When asked if she was picky about her partner, Mayanne said: “Yes. I am considered good and will not pick someone worse than me.”