Chinese star, Yang Mi (楊冪) is known as a “goods queen” and her fans always pay attention to her outfits, handbags and shoes. Hence, she is the best spokesperson in China. Other than that, her good body figure is the top search on Weibo and Yang Mi is deeply loved by the Chinese netizens. Lately, she becomes the first Chinese spokesperson for a fashion brand, Versace and wore a black outfit with a pink Versace handbag at the airport. Although it has not become a trend, but the netizens place attention on her body.

Yang Mi was dressed in a black playsuit which revealed her fair legs and “peach” bottom despite looking too thin. Thus, her outfit becomes the highlight and nobody places much attention on her handbag.

In addition, the photos went viral online and many netizens praised Yang Mi had a good body figure: “She does not look like a mother at all. Only woman with good body figure dare to wear like this!” Some fans even pretended to reprimand their idol: “Please refrain from wearing very short next time! I do feel shy when looking at you though.”