Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) returned to Hong Kong to organise a meeting session with her fans to promote her new song (做你的晨曦) and it attracted a big group of fans. She did not take her daughter, Kelly along this time and understand that her mother needed to work in overseas sometimes, since turning to 3 years old soon. Linda said: “I feel very touched that she continues to need me. She starts to understand gradually and it improves our communication.”

Kelly disclosed Kelly helped to take care of her brother, Jared by feeding and wiping his face. She also begun to become vain and play with her cosmetic: “During the MV shooting on that day, she loved it when I was applying the make-up and someone helped her to apply it and set her hairstyle. Kelly wants it upon seeing me applying cosmetic and I pretend to brush her eyebrow. She would say she is so pretty. (Allow Kelly to join show business in the future?) It does not matter. It depends on her talent and interest.”

When asked if she had intention to have another baby, Linda replied nope unless it was an accident. Checking about her plan to return to the entertainment industry, she said: “I really wish to continue acting and singing but it is harder when my children are growing up. Hence, I must try to make my wishes come true within these few years.”