Simon Yam’s (任達華) was attacked and his waist was injured and his finger was wounded by a knife at an event in Zhongshan in the morning on 20th July 2019. Subsequently, the voice clip of him asking for help was exposed but he remained clear-headed at the time. Simon said: “Please find someone to help me as there is a mental person who uses a knife towards me on the stage. I am bleeding now and please take me to a hospital quickly. I really need help.”

The CEO (許佩斯) of EEG said: “Let me give the latest update about Simon’s condition. Simon has completed the surgery for his abdomen in the hospital with the meticulous care and treatment from the staff. The knife wound is at his inner organs and fortunately, his essential part remains fine. He is currently undergoing for the operation for his right fingers.

We request to protect Simon’s privacy and the hospital agrees to keep a stern lookout on the level which he is resting. There is many rampant news and please monitor the latest news from the company so as not to be mislead. We manage to obtain the support from Zhongshan government whom assigns the hospital director to the hospital to assist us. Hence, we would like to express our gratitude towards Zhongshan government and the medical team. Our staff have been following Simon closely and taking care of him. We will also inform the public once there is any latest updates. Hope Simon will have a speedy recovery and thank you for the concern.”

Lastly, Simon’s wife, Qi Qi (琦琦) travelled to Zhongshan from Beijing immediately once knowing the news.