Simon Yam (任達華) was stabbed by a man at a business event in Zhongshan and was sent to the hospital for treatment immediately on 20th July 2019. He was currently resting in the hospital in Hong Kong and because of his injury, Simon failed to promote his new film, Little Q (小Q) together with Gigi Leung (梁詠琪) and the film director, Law Wing Cheung (羅永昌) in Beijing on 21st July.

Apparently, the movie theme is based on a guide dog and the plot is edited from a Japanese novel, Quill (再見了,可魯). Little Q film will be making its debut in the cinema at Hong Kong on 15th August and the company arranged the male lead, Simon to promote it with other cast team members including Roger Kwok (郭晉安), Charlie Yeung (楊采妮), Frankie Lam (林文龍) and Gigi in Southeast Asia and different cities in China. Wing Cheung accepted the interview on 21st July and said: “Gigi and I are promoting the film in Beijing. Simon is supposed to join in but he is injured and we are uncertain if he will be attending other promotion campaigns later. Overall, his safety is the most important.”

In order to play his role character well, Simon would spend a long time to increase the bonding with the guide dog, Pudding (布丁) everyday during the shooting. He also wore an eye mask covering his eyesight around 80% and replied on the dog to guide him. Simon felt emotional upon filming a life and death encounter scene and missed Pudding when they were separated and it needed to go for training after the shooting.