Simon Yam (任達華) underwent another surgery at a hospital in Hong Kong Island on 21st July 2019. EEG Executive, Mani Fok (霍汶希) disclosed the operation was successful and his wife, Qi Qi (琦琦) and brother, Peter Yam (任達榮) arrived at the hospital one after another.

Based on the information, Simon’s fingers injury was more serious and Qi Qi remained very worried despite undergoing for a surgery at the hospital in Zhongshan earlier. As it might affect his nerves and daily routine in the future, the doctor arranged another operation for Simon in the morning and it was very successful. Qi Qi shared photo of themselves including her daughter, Ella Chan (任晴佳) holding hands together as a family and left a message: “We will accompany Simon and root for him all the way! Thank you for the concern.” Subsequently, she replied to Apple Daily HK (蘋果): “The staff did a follow up for Simon today and the surgery is successful. Please do not worry and thank you.” Mani also said: “The doctor performed another operation for him so that he will recover quickly. It is successful and Simon is resting now.”

Subsequently around 2.30pm, Peter updated about his brother’s condition when leaving the hospital with his family and said: “He is in a good condition. He lacks of a proper rest yesterday and wakes up not long ago.” He added Simon was currently in ICU ward and would be transferred to a normal ward on the following day, after doing some follow up procedures. Simon could eat normal food now as well.

When asked about his conversation with Simon, Peter replied they discussed about the accident: “My brother remains in pain and I reckon you can feel it too. (How is his fingers injury?) Still have to follow up and should be okay. Thank you for the concern.” The chairman of EEG, Albert Yeung (楊受成) and his wife reached the hospital around 3pm and left after 20 minutes later. Albert expressed Simon was in a good condition and the operation was very successful. Checking about his fingers injury, he said: “He is fine.”

At 7.40pm, Qi Qi left the hospital and updated about Simon’s condition to the reporters: “The operation is completed and successful. There is nothing special and he keeps telling me to sleep more as he knows I lack of proper rest lately. I am very tired and need to sleep. (How are his fingers?) Very good and he is currently resting. Simon knows you are waiting for him and told his chauffeur to buy something for you to drink and eat. Please do not wait for him and thank you for the concern.”

Checking about the rumours related to remaining in ICU ward, Qi Qi explained Simon might be transferred to a normal ward depending on the doctor’s decision on the following day. She replied she had stopped her work in overseas temporarily and Simon could eat porridge and drink water now: “My husband is my top priority and I will visit and accompany him everyday.” Lastly, Qi Qi added Ella would hug Simon every time whenever she visited him so as to show her support.