45 years old Alice Chan (陳煒) was married to a Taiwanese businessman, James Yen (顏志行) in 2008 but their marriage only lasted for 4 years, before filing for divorce in 2012. She remains single for 7 years and finally finds love again after meeting Dr. Aldous Chan (陳國強). When asked if it would become a happy ending, Alice replied having happy memories were most important.

Alice expressed she did not regret to get married in 2008: “Both parties are in the wrong once filing for divorce. We cannot blame everyone on one party and I know I have flaws and treat it as a learning experience. I understand the area for improvements in my next relationship. (Any aspects to improve?) The communication. Making sacrifices do not mean you are good and it is pointless to feed him apples when he likes oranges. You have to give an appropriate stuff to him.”

When mentioned about his good friend, Ben Wong (黃智賢) acted as their matchmaker, Alice hoped to have a complete family, simple and happy life in the future. Wealth was not essential and she said: “Everyone pursues a happy life with someone doting on you and a good family appearing soon. (Is Doctor Chan your ideal partner?) I feel happy and believe he can provide a good life for me.”

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