A mob armed with batons attacked the public including the journalists in Yuen Long at night on 21st July 2019. Many people were injured and the citizens complained the police hotline was engaged and the cops arrived at the scene late. Subsequently, the public were enraged when the police only took back 1 suspect to the police station and some reckoned the mob were triad gangsters.

An Apple Daily Hong Kong (蘋果) reader, Ms Chan reported through (爆相爆片) that 82 years old Patrick Tse (謝賢) supported the mob dressed in white tops at Yuen Long on 21st July. She said on the telephone: “Around 5pm, I happened to see Patrick and a male friend in a restaurant at Harbour View Centre in Wan Chai. I overheard that Patrick said he supported the mob wearing white tops and the black protesters were causing Hong Kong in a chaotic situation. We should not allow them to make trouble every week and stop the local people from making businesses. Anyway, I support the mob wearing white tops.”

As a youngster, Ms Chan understood the thinking of an older generation and said: “However as a celebrity, he should refrain from discussing about it openly and there are many people surrounding him.”

When the reporter from Apple Daily contacted Patrick and asked if he was at Wan Chai, he said: “Nope. I returned from hiking not long ago. (A reader saw a male friend and you were in a restaurant at Wan Chai on 22nd July?) Is it? I cannot remember. (The reader overheard that you were discussing about the mob?) Nope. It is ridiculous and why will I be talking about it? Crazy! I returned from hiking not long ago and she is making things up. Fortunately, you check with me.”

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190722/59851551