Lynn Hung (熊黛林) gave birth to a pair of twins daughter last year after married to Ken Kwok (郭可頌). She obtained his permission to film drama in China earlier but her daughters treated Lynn like a stranger after returning to Hong Kong. Hence, Lynn expressed her sorrow online and the Chinese netizens criticised her that she pretended to be a “foreigner” instead.

A few days ago, Lynn attended a health brand event as the spokesperson in Shenyang and it was uncertain if her mood was deeply affected, as the security was reinforced and she was on the stage all the way. The guests could only watch her from a distance and the security guard stopped them if any walked near the stage and took photos. In addition, East Week (東周) discovered Lynn nearly regained her fit body figure and believed she would return to Hong Kong to accompany her daughters immediately after the activity. She is indeed a good mother.