On 21st July 2019, Hong Kong descended into a complete shock and horror after more than dozens of masked men armed with weapons attacked the commuters in metro station. The public were furious when the police arrived late at the scene and many people were injured, and suspected the police had lost control of the triad gangsters.

Commissioner of Police, Stephen Lo (盧偉聰), Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam (林鄭月娥) and many high ranking government officials held a press conference on 22nd July. They explained there was insufficient manpower to solve the violence issue in Yuen Long as majority of the policemen were assigned to control the protest activity in Hong Kong Island. They pleaded for the understanding from the public but it caused an adverse effect to the society. An ex-policeman, Wong He (王喜) has been monitoring about the protests and remarked Stephen’s explanation was unreasonable on Facebook on 22nd July.

Wong He pointed Stephen held a high position and his explanation about the insufficient manpower was full of loopholes: “Stephen, you said there was insufficient manpower to assign in Yuen Long. Sorry for asking, you are giving wages to 30,000 policemen yet nobody turns up during an emergency? You are the leader in HQ and don’t you know The Police Tactical Unit (PTU) is part of the disciplined group for emergency turn out? Although it is training, but they are not Recruit Police Constable (RPC) and are considered elites. At least they arrest the criminals, give statements at the court and know how to write caution statement. Can’t you assign them to assist when there is an emergency?”

Wong He continued his message: “Complaining that Fung Ying Seen Koon is further than Yuen Long? You might as well reform Emergency Unit in North District and New Territories or the traffic department in North District. Set up a company and 157 staff are equipped with their own column box (weapon box) consisting of pepper spray and rubber bullets. It should be easy to handle 200 people and please do not give me a chance to place my warrant card down and allow the citizens to criticise.”

In addition, Wong He hoped Stephen would make reflections and become a good cop who protected the citizens’s lives and assets: “2019 marks 175th anniversary in Hong Kong Police Force and there is countless of teams based on the history. Please train and lead your teams well in order to safeguard the citizens’ lives and assets. Can you please give a good memory to mark 175th anniversary in the police force? You are a smart man and I have confidence in you.”

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