Stanley Cheung (張景淳) and Koni Lui (呂慧儀) played an on-screen couple in TVB sitcom, Come Home Love: Lo and Behold (愛‧回家之開心速遞) and received good reviews from the audiences. They shared their photos online frequently and were pointed to develop an underground relationship after watching movie and returning to Koni’s flat together earlier. However, both denied it and clarified they were good friends only.

Hana Kuk (菊梓喬) and Stanley were rumoured to date secretly for more than a year but they clarified they were neighbours and good friends at the time. They also deleted photo of themselves wearing watches belonging to the couple collection.

Based on the news source, Hana stopped following Stanley on Instagram after he was pointed to develop feelings for Koni and Stanley did not follow her as well after that. He replied to the reporters that he would not response to any fake news and Hana’s record company rejected to reply about the gossips. Koni also had the same response.