Larine Tang (鄧月平) and Xenia Chong (莊端兒) filmed a program related to school in Kowloon Bay on 24th July 2019. Larine expressed a female classmate did something for her and it gave her an unforgettable memory: “She bought an expensive soft toy by working in order to pacify me after our argument. (When is your first love?) My parent’s relationship is poor and I only begin to date after 18 years old. My mother had depression before and after the labour and I have to take care of her. She also dislikes me to date at a young age as I might be cheated by the guys.”

As for Xenia, she disclosed she encountered supernatural during her primary school days: “My primary school is in Sham Shui Po and the ghost in music room is very fierce. Once I finished my lesson at the sunset, 3 classmates and I dashed to the music room and we could hear marching sounds and cold wind blew towards us at the staircase. It is very frightening and I discovered the school is conquered by the Japanese army in the past. (Dating when studying secondary two?) He is tall and handsome. We go to school together and he will buy breakfast for me. I feel it is very sweet even until now.”

In addition when mentioned about a mob dressed in white tops attacked people in Yuen Long, Xenia said: “I stay in Kowloon and keep monitoring the updates on Facebook on that night. It is very worrying and how can it happen? Perhaps I am agitated when leaving the message and not trying to confirm if that lady is pregnant, but they even beat women up. (The police station is closed.) Seriously, it is normal that the construction workers have to stop their work because of the weather and danger but the citizens need help and many brave people even render their assistance. Why are they hitting people? (Stay away from Yuen Long?) Yes, I might be beaten up even if passing by and it is very frightening.”