Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) gave birth to a baby son, Ryan Lee (李奕霖) in mid June 2019 and turned up at a public event on 19th July, after completing her confinement period not long ago. She was dressed in a yellow jacket and hoped to lose 10 pound weight. Myolie admitted about her plans when asked if she was pursuing a daughter next time.

Myolie expressed her son weighed around 7 Ibs 8 oz upon born and currently weighed 2 pound: “He is a big eater and I resemble a pumping milk machine. Anyway, it is not bad and he can help me to lose weight quickly. He loves to eat, sleep and will cry whenever hungry. His elder brother is refined when compared to him. (Is he jealous of his younger brother?) He dotes on him and wants to carry him but does feel jealous and push him aside sometimes. It is quite funny though.”

Myolie added she could not film any drama now as she needed to feed milk to her son unless working in Hong Kong. However, she had a stage performance in America for 6 days in end August and would not miss her children. Myolie also emphasised she would consider having another baby unless her husband and she could take care of their 2 kids well. Finally, she praised Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) was a super mother and said: “She is very smart and manages to take 3 children to Canada by herself. I really need to ask her for tips.”