Simon Yam (任達華) was stabbed by a knife during a business event at Zhongshan on 20th July 2019. He underwent a surgery in a local hospital immediately and returned to Hong Kong on the same night. Simon went for the second surgery and was transferred to a normal ward after staying in ICU for 2 days. As he was recovering well, Simon was discharged from the hospital at 1pm on 24th July and more than 50 media waited for him.

Simon was dressed in a white top with blue sports jacket and a cap and his right hand was bandaged, while walking out together from the hospital with his manager, Mani Fok (霍汶希), but his wife, Qi Qi (琦琦) was not around. He appeared energetic and waved his hand at the reporters.

Simon said: “Thank you for the concern for the past few days. It is an accident and although I am injured, but thank you to the meticulous care from the medical teams in Zhongshan and Hong Kong. The medical staff in Zhongshan ran many tests on me and the Hong Kong team performed additional tests on me, in order to ensure I am in a stable condition. Thank you for the concerns from Albert Yeung (楊受成), EEG and everybody. My hand needs a longer time to recover and hopefully I can film movie again soon. Thank you to everyone especially my family.”

Subsequently, Qi Qi shared her thoughts by posting a message on Weibo: “These past few days have been long and suffering for us. Fortunately, Simon remains positive and gives us confidence and energy. Simon is finally discharged today and thank you very much for the meticulous care from the medical team. Also, thank you for the supports and encouragements from our friends, Albert, staff and the reporters. We will accompany Simon to continue the treatment and I believe he will meet everybody soon. I feel grateful and thank you again.”