The amendment of Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (逃犯條例) was changed to “die in one’s bed” (壽終正寢) by force and Hong Kong citizens remain enraged as long as it is not withdrawn. The city was descended into chaos when a mob dressed in white tops and armed with weapons attacked the commuters in metro station in Yuen Long earlier. On 25th July 2019, a drawing in a Hong Kong comic book, “Teddy Bear” (古惑仔) in no.2255 was used as the cover to describe the bloody scene in Yuen Long station (血洗元朗西鐵站), with the white masked men beating the citizens up.

Chinese comics artist, Cowman decided to remove the original cover after knowing the attack in Yuen Long on weekend and invited (邱志加) to draw the cover instead. As many extraordinary incidents happened in Hong Kong lately and the white mob attacked the citizens but the police appeared “too frightened to handle it”, Cowman hoped to use the latest cover to describe the absurd happenings in Hong Kong and pointed it was time to end the “war” after some time. He added it was important to increase the budget to mark a good “ending”.

Other than that, Cowman used the words, “a complete change in Hong Kong” (面目全非的香港) as the title and the rampages caused terror to the local people. Whenever there was protests on the weekend and it caused conflicts with the police, everyone had a clear stand: “The white and black people are attacking each other.” He felt strange about the transformation in Hong Kong and said: “Why are the senior officials not stepping down?”

Cowmen pointed Hong Kong used to have good security and felt frightened even when taking a bus now. The citizens avoided to wear black tops in Yuen Long and white tops at the Central and Admiralty. Hong Kong had yet to see any sunlight and Cowmen felt helpless: “A group of irresponsible high ranking officials and some have not even step down and continue to enjoy high incomes at 6 digit. Don’t they feel ashamed? It is definitely embarrassing.”

Many netizens believed it would sell like hot cakes simply based on the cover and asked if he could create another figure (河妖). Some remarked there was a advisor, CY as well.

Apparently, the comic book, “Teddy Bear” is quite ironic. Based on the cover in no. 1758 in 2014, there were 3 tattoos used to describe the difficulty of the differentiation between the triad gangsters and police and it hinted the cops used the gangsters’ methods to hit the students. Finally on the cover in no. 1765, the male lead (陳浩南) wore yellow tie and used yellow umbrella and it looks like the comic book, Teddy Bear remains the trendsetter all along.