Him Law (羅仲謙) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) developed real feelings for each other after filming drama together. Since married for more than 3 years, he has been working in China frequently and they remain a loving couple despite staying in different countries. Lately, Him decides to stay in Hong Kong and Tavia is reducing her workload and exercising lately, in order to have a baby.

Recently, Him promoted the new film, Little Q (小Q) and played the guiding dogs’ instructor, while Simon Yam (任達華) had eyesight problem and needed to rely on the guiding dog. In order to act professionally, Him specially went for training in Guide Dog Association (導盲犬協會) prior to the shooting and it gave him a deep memory. He hoped the society would understand the existence of the guiding dogs and reduce lesser accidents. He had many scenes with veteran actor, Simon who rejected to depend on the guiding dog and showed his resistance to Him in the movie.

Apparently, Him treated Simon as his idol and saw him upon making a debut in Mob Sister (阿嫂) film in 2005. However, they had little scenes together at the time and Him felt happy and relaxed when working with him this time: “I doubt Simon recognises me. I am not a newcomer and join the show business for more than 10 years. Simon is a good role model and does not give pressure to the people surrounding him. He is a stylish man and I am deeply attracted by his charisma. He is good in balancing his family and career and does not have any desire for fame. Anyway, I feel happy as long as I have his achievements around 60 to 70%.”

Although Him has been working in China for many years and seldom spends time with his wife, but his marriage remains stable and he admitted he was a boring man: “My wife is a very mature person and I know what to do when she is behaving like a spoilt person at times. I am a boring person but show my romantic side when wooing her. I confess my marriage is not perfect and we definitely have our ups and downs. Everyone will not pursue perfection if understand this logic and will have a most comfortable relationship without giving pressure to the opposite party.”

Him believed Tavia’s heart remained in Hong Kong and would try to have a baby since filming drama in Hong Kong in recent month: “I have limited choices and do not mind focusing on my career either in Hong Kong or China. Simon is different and gets to choose but I am still endeavouring.” As he had been developing his career in China, Him had made some achievements in the local market and said: “But cannot leave my house too far and I have been discussing about my baby plan with Tavia. Hopefully, there is good news this time and it has been 3 years since filming Hong Kong drama.” He added Tavia only accepted jobs with a relaxing pace now and both were ready for it anytime: “She is currently training at home and shopping online.”

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190722/59847246