Angel Chiang (蔣家旻) expressed she had a timid character and was afraid of ghost during the promotion activity for Our Unwinding Ethos (十二傳說) drama with the cast team members. She said: “Fortunately, I do not see any spirit during the filming.” Angel recalled she felt terrified at the location shooting at Hong Kong haunted school (達德學校) in Yuen Long: “I need to pray at the temple prior to the shooting every time and a guard must stand outside the entrance. I also wear Buddhist prayer beads and the guard was used to it when I asked him if he was scared.”

In addition, Angel revealed a frightening experience during her schooling days: “I was a female scout and studied in a girls school. A few girls were scared when we went for camping and slept together at night. On one night, I was doing something alone in the room and facing the bed with my back view towards the door. I assumed she was my friend upon discovering a pair of legs behind but there was nobody when I turned around. Hence, I ignored it and continued with my stuff but a pair of legs were behind me again. I begun to feel terrified and sat on the bed immediately after turning around the second time. I believed it was a supernatural encounter once knowing my friends did not come back earlier.”