Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) visited the elderlies and tried to sing Cantonese opera to make them happy at Tai Wai Village on 23rd July 2019. She chatted to them and some elderly told her to choose her partner carefully and showing tolerance could prevent an argument. However, Natalie’s family dared not give her any advice and she said: “My family members never talk about it and my father is a quiet person. Perhaps we are clueless about how to begin and I do not want them to worry as well. I plan to take my husband home upon getting married in the future.”

When mentioned about cohabiting with Samuel Chan (陳思銘) before tying the knot based on the news source, Natalie said: “I already mentioned it many times. He is not my boyfriend and the photo is taken in winter. We go to a friends gathering only and please give me some privacy, as you are frightening my male friends away and they dare not have dinner together with me.” She added she was clueless at cooking and had to go to supermarket and cook by herself.”

Asking if Kenneth Ma (馬國明) had any chances to woo her, Natalie said: “The netizens ask me the same question too. Our chances are limited to on-screen appearances and we do not really suit each other. (Know each other too long?) It does not cross my mind.”