Dark period in Yuen Long (元朗黑夜) becomes the most heated discussion lately and consists of several urban legends especially murder case and supernatural tales. Evidently, the murder case is referred to raping a girl in Shap Pat Heung Pak Sha Tsuen (十八鄉白沙村) and Hong Kong Cable Television used it to film a show (1級重案). After the arrest of the murderer, Duong Vinh Cuong (唐永強), he explained he was not a psycho killer but sought revenge on his ex-wife by using five ghosts evil spell (五鬼邪術). Overall, it is considered quite eerie.

In the village house at Pak Sha Tsuen in Yuen Long, a men held three girls as hostages and poured fuel by committing suicide in 2002. All were seriously injured and the firefighters discovered a dead body in the wardrobe and the deceased was a 10 year old girl (嚴佩珊) who went missing. They also found another corpse belonging to a 11 year old girl (陳諾雯) who suffered serious burns inflicted by the murderer, Duong Vinh Cuong.

Vinh Cuong claimed to know Thailand sorcery and had two ex-wives around more than 10 years old, despite looking ordinary and standing at 5 feet and 3 inches tall only. He committed the crimes by using flash cards, buying snacks and fetching them from school, in order to obtain the victims’ trusts. As for his second wife (樊柳珊), she knew him at 12 years old and he used a “love spell” (愛情降) on her. She ignored the objections from her family and gave birth to three children, after marrying him.

Subsequently due to Vinch Cuong’s unemployment, his wife was forced to work in a karaoke club to support the family and he begun to have extra-marital affair and leave home.

When the police recorded his statement, Vinch Cuong expressed he was required to kill 5 loved ones who were blood related in order to use five ghosts evil spell and seek revenge on his ex-wife. Other than his three kids, he also raped and killed two girls. However according to the police’s investigation, Vinch Cuong did not travel to Thailand before and was try to use that reason by denying he was a psycho killer. He was sentenced to life imprisonment finally.

Since the murder, the village house at Pak Sha Tsuen in Yuen Long is known as a haunted house and the nearby neighbours could hear the crying sound of the girls at night. The lights in the house would switch on and there was a girl playing in front of the entrance. It has been vacant until a monk is willing to stay in that house and the landlord offers to waive off the rental for 5 years, so as to hope somebody would be interested to rent it. In conclusion, it is another supernatural tale and has not been proven yet. What do you think and do you believe it?

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