After making a sudden announcement about his marriage and becoming a father a few days ago, Steven Cheung (張致恆) is called as a “love cheater” and involved in complicated relationships with his fiancee (雯雯) and ex-girlfriends such as April Leung (梁皓恩), Moon, Ms C and Ms S.

Ms C is a Hong Kong citizen and expressed she knew Steven for 5 years and begun to date around March or April 2019, during an interview with the media. During that period of time, he pointed he had broken up with April and she discovered the presence of Moon in this June. Ms C realised they were not simply friends through their conversations on Instagram and Moon knew her identity as well.

When Moon tried to contact Ms C in private message and verified her identity, she ignored her message as Steven told her not to reply and explained Moon was a reporter who conducted interviews for him frequently. Finally, he instructed Ms C to lie to Moon that she was not his girlfriend at all.

As for his marriage announcement, Ms C disclosed Steven apologised to her one day before so as to end their relationship and realised she was another victim, when Moon tried to contact her again. She described Steven as a “player” and should provide an explanation to everybody. She hoped he would change into a loyal man and return money to her: “He borrowed $3,000 from me and promised to return $2,000 on that night, but I have not receive anything so far.”