34 years old Steven Cheung (張致恒) is pointed as a “love cheater” and surrounded by many negative rumours. On 25th July 2019, he announced he was getting married to his fan (雯雯), became a father and shared their family photo of 3 members on Instagram. Steven’s fiancee gave birth to a baby son (天寶) and many friends and fans gave their blessings. Some also remarked he finally grew up but the public might follow “the car” too close and caused an “accident” instead. As he knew the theatre star, April Leung (梁皓恩) in 2016, she exposed Steven as a player after making the announcement about his marriage. Another woman named Moon posted a message that Steven had affairs with many girls and was slammed by the netizens.

Subsequently, Apple Daily HK (蘋果) managed to contact 3 victims including Moon, Ms S and Ms C in Steven’s love scam. They resembled to Avengers: Endgame (復仇者聯盟) film and united to take revenge on Steven. They hoped to find true love in the future.

28 years old Moon comes from Dongguan and has big eyes and fair skin. She expressed she knew Steven for a year and begun to date in March 2019. Moon conversed in a mixture of Cantonese and Mandarin: “Based on the news, I know he has another girlfriend called April and he told me he had broken up with her upon checking with him. I know his manager and he also introduced me to his friends, so I assume I am his official girlfriend but discovered Ms C on Instagram after 6 months later.”

When asked about the identity of Ms C, Steven replied they were friends and her boyfriend was a basketball player. He told me not to develop any misunderstanding and Moon reckoned she had a fertile imagination because of their long distance relationship.

After the presence of Ms C, Moon discovered Steven’s fiancee as well: “I discovered her existence as he suddenly told me that he needed to celebrate his sister’s birthday on 18th July and hold a belated celebration for her. He wrote the song lyric which revealed he loved her very much and I told him to show his sister’s photo, in order to avoid any misunderstanding. He agreed when I suggested him to “tag” his sister too and included Eason Chan’s (陳奕迅) song lyric.”

She then realised the birthday message was for his fiancee whose birthday was on 20th July and she replied with a heart symbol, while Steven gave her a flying kiss. On her Instagram, Steven’s fiancee uploaded photo of a birthday cake and he wished her happy birthday and loved her by leaving a message. Moon said: “He explained the cake was used for TVB show and I believed it was not that simple upon seeing the messages. I did not expect another woman since Ms C after two weeks later. I was furious and wondered if he was forcing me to break up with him. I asked him about the identity of that woman.”

Moon pointed Steven took a long time to reply and pacify her on the phone: “He said he knew her a year ago and only had a fling with her. Unfortunately, she was pregnant and wanted to give birth to the baby. Steven had no choice as she threatened to expose their affair to the reporters. At the time, I really believed him and cried for a long time and even injured myself. He felt he was a victim when that woman threatened him with the baby every single day.”

At this instant, Moon tried to hold back her tears and her voice was shaking: “I told him to sort it out with her as it was terrible to be threatened by her forever. I kept trying to find a solution such as browsing through Hong Kong law. There was many ways if he did not want to be with her and I felt like a fool upon recalling it.”

Moon added his fiancee knew her presence as she sent a message to her on Instagram: “He told me he needed to shoot a TVB show in Ocean Park but he was celebrating her birthday and I gave them my blessings.” She saw Moon’s message and he asked if she sent anything to her on that day, but Moon had no idea that Steven’s fiancee was pregnant

When asked if she contacted Steven after uploading his family photo, Moon said: “Yes, before sharing the photo. He called me twice and it lasted more than 100 minutes. He was worried about me committing suicide but I knew he was afraid of me finding the reporters. Steven is a very ruthless man and I will do it once making a decision.”

Besides that, Steven notified Moon that the company demanded him to end their relationship and she said: “He is willing to accept the responsibility and I told him he had to because of the baby. What about that woman? After the way she treated him. He confirmed he would not marry her as both had many problems. On 26th July, he even told me he felt heart pain and would ignore me if did not care about me. But that night……”

Moon’s eyes were red and she was getting furious every minute: “I slept for a short while and saw his photo with that woman upon waking up. I felt completely upset and asked him if it was his final decision. There was no reply and I am very worried about April as Steven told me she had serious depression and broken up with him. He added April and I will die if the company ordered him to announce about his fiancee. Hence, I assume he will not do it.”

Subsequently, Moon failed to reach Steven and decided to inform Ms C about their relationship on Instagram. Ms C was shocked that both remained together and they tried to contact April, as she was the biggest victim.

Checking if she had anything to tell Steven, Moon said helplessly: “You said the same thing to everybody and called us as wife and darling. You promised to marry and apologise to us but remain the same thereafter. You are a father now and have you thought about it before your son is born? Has your fiancee give a serious thought before giving birth? Looking at your bad record, how are you going to teach your son well?”

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190727/59867776