Hugo Ng (吳岱融) had a vacation with his wife, Lily Chung (鍾淑慧) and Gilbert Lam (林韋辰) after following the celebrities football team to play a match in Sabah a few days ago. As Hugo had difficulty in breathing and suffered from a terrible headache during the diving, he was sent to the hospital immediately and was discharged on the same night after receiving the treatment.

During an interview with the media, Hugo explained he did not know that he could not go for diving because of a cold on that day. He begun to feel unwell upon diving more than 20 feet down in the sea and tried to go up immediately, but it caused breathing difficulty and headache as a result. Fortunately, the instructor helped him and Hugo was puking once getting out from the water. Gilbert then accompanied him to the hospital.

As he knew Lily would be worried about him, Hugo did not tell her until his condition had stabled down. Based on the information, Hugo was supposed to return to Hong Kong around 26th or 27th July 2019 and decided to go back at a later date. He planned to go for medical check-up again once reaching Hong Kong.