Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) and Matt Yeung (楊明) shared their working experiences in Colombia during the press conference for the show, All Work No Pay Holidays III (打工捱世界) at TV City on 23rd July 2019. As Benjamin lost his luggage at the airport in India, missed his flight in Africa and encountered obstacles in the first, second and third season, he said: “One staff was questioned by the immigration in the US and we missed our flight to Colombia as a result. We managed to reach there after 40 hours and this season is the most suffering. I travelled 11 times within 18 days.”

When mentioned about Matt dared not look upon recruiting local beauties in a beauty contest, Benjamin explained Matt looked for the real beauty and it was embarrassing if not because of the work. Matt said: “The film producer ordered me to look for the local girls to join the contest and it has been a long time since I talk to girls at the street. I tried it when around 10 years old and I am in late thirties now. (Any rejection?) Yes and many. But I continue to try and ask for telephone numbers. Benjamin and I can seduce them by using our charms.” Benjamin remarked Matt was the main lead and performed very well during the pageant. He was more active and humorous when compared to the first two seasons.