64 years old Simon Yam (任達華) was stabbed by a man on the stage and his abdomen and fingers were bleeding at a business event in Zhongshan on 20th July 2019. The suspect used a fruit knife and was subdued by the security guards immediately. It descended into chaos and Simon used his hand to cover the wound on his stomach. He remained conscious when the guards helped him to walk down from the stage and said calmly: “l need to go to the hospital. I must go to the hospital.” Simon underwent a surgery at the local hospital and another operation in Hong Kong due to his fingers’ injury.

According to the online rumours, Simon was suspected to record a voice clip and send to his friends for help in WeChat group conversation. He went to the hospital in Zhongshan and his medical report was leaked out: “A small bubble is discovered from his left stomach. There is fats and a small bubble is in the top of his liver. The shape, size and other parts of his body remain normal and there is no obvious sign of nodule and swelling.” In conclusion, the report showed that the wound did not hurt the vital part of Simon’s abdomen and liver.

Based on the information from his company, EEG, Simon’s operations were successful and he was in a stable condition. One photo revealed that he was conscious while resting on the bed and discussing with the doctor about his injuries in the operation room. As the suspect was arrested on the spot, EEG pointed they left it to the local police to conduct an investigation.

The news went rampant after Simon’s attack and it was speculated that the engineering company planned to teach a lesson to the boss as the organisation committee owed the fees for an engineering project, but they hurt the wrong person instead. Many netizens believed it was a low possibility as Simon was a superstar unless the engineering firm deliberately attacked him, in order to blow the matter up.

However, the organisation committee dismissed it and clarified there was no monetary dispute. Other than that, another gossip pointed that Simon was perceived too cool and stylish when playing an informer for narcotics control bureau (禁毒局) in The Thunder (破冰行動) film and the drug dealers decided to attack him after watching it. Based on the preliminary investigation from the police in Zhongshan, the suspect might have mental problem and suffer from sluggish schizophrenia (型精神分裂症). In addition, somebody spilled the beans that the suspected had pleaded guilty and the attack on Simon was planned many years. Nevertheless, the local police are currently continuing the investigation.

After given anaesthetic at the local hospital, Simon returned to Hong Kong on the same night and was sent to a hospital in Hong Kong Island via a medical vehicle. Although he underwent the surgery at the hospital in Zhongshan, but Simon had to go for the second operation on the following day because of his fingers’ injury and his wife, Qi Qi’s (琦琦) worry.

The surgery was conducted for two hours and it was successful. Qi Qi and her family showed their supports: “We will accompany Simon and thank you for the concern.” She also uploaded photo of her family including Simon’s brother, Peter Lam (任達榮) and her daughter, Ella Yam (任晴佳) holding hands together so as to show their unity.

Source: https://eastweek.my-magazine.me/main/89498