Kit Chan (陳潔儀), Gin Lee (李幸倪) and Agatha Kong (江海迦) held a musical concert at Wan Chai on 25th July 2019. Kit’s good friend, Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) turned up to show her support and became the limelight.

Three female leads accepted the interview after the concert and when mentioned about Sheren’s support, Kit said: “She is a straightforward person and not afraid to embarrass you. It is hard to find a true friend and although she makes people feel that she is unapproachable, but I find her alright. We become good friends as a result. (The netizens mistook both of you were lesbians?) It is my fault. I resemble a man when kissing her cheek and some friends also assume we are together but others know we are not. We are usually passionate towards good friends and will not keep a distance from each other. (Worry about frightening your suitors?) Yes. We are very worried and please help us to clarify.”