Steven Cheung (張致恒) is pointed as a “player” and his image is completely ruined. Angel Chiang (蔣家旻) is also rumoured as one of his ex-girlfriends as the new source reported Steven had a secret crush on her while dating Xenia Chong (莊端兒) in the past. However, Angel denied about dating Steven and did not have any thoughts to commit suicide at all.

On 30th July 2019, Steven finally responded and apologised to everybody. On the other hand, Angel shared photo of a night scenery and left an online message: “Please Don’t Disturb My Peace.” She also announced her boyfriend and uploaded their photo: “Announcement: He is my boyfriend and my heart has him only. Please stop disturbing me and nobody can take him away from me. We belong to each other. Love you, My Boy!” Some netizens reckoned Angel was trying to end the matter quickly.