Kenneth Ma (馬國明) expressed the netizens continued to debate about either choosing Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) or Ali Lee (李佳芯) in his love line at a celebration party for Big White Duel (白色強人) drama on 26th July 2019. He said: “Both are good and why not both? Haha!” Kenneth believed it depended on the decision of the film producer and on-screen writer.

Other than going for stage performances in China lately, Kenneth had to make preparation for the series, Line Walker 3 (使徒行者3) and he would be seeking revenge for Moses Chan (陳豪) who played his elder brother. Hence, he deliberately watched Line Walker : The Prelude (使徒2) drama to get some inspiration. When mentioned about Simon Yam’s (任達華) attack in Zhongshan earlier, Kenneth believed it was a special issue and was not worried about his safety. He disclosed a drunk client threw durian to the stage upon going for stage performance at night in China previously: “Fortunately, I was alert and managed to avoid it. The durian was dropped next to me and I laughed when looking at it and the client. His friend then apologised to me on his behalf.”