Liza Wang (汪明荃) was invited to an opening ceremony of a teahouse with Taiwanese singer, Yako Chan (詹子晴) as the image consultant at Xiqu Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui on 26th July 2019. She taught opera to the young actors and expressed Law Kar Ying (羅家英) usually made tea at home and received nice tea leaves from her friends.

When mentioned about the collapse and flood while building West Kowloon Cultural District (西九文化區工地), Liza said: “I heard about it and a reporter responded today. It is a big place and anything can happen underneath. We must be extra careful and it is not surprising to see anything hidden underground during the war. Safety is the most important and Xiqu Centre is very safe now.” Yako felt very excited upon seeing Liza on that day and said: “I feel like learning opera upon seeing the young actors are performing” She added the teahouse was the second branch and hoped to expand to 10 branches in Hong Kong in the future.