Simon Yam (任達華) played a visually impaired person and had many scenes with the guide dog, Pudding (布丁) in the film, Little Q (小Q). He admitted it was difficult to shoot with a dog as it was clueless about the acting and facing the camera. Hence, they caused countless of NG and Simon was forced to apply cheese on its position and used the smell to attract Pudding. He also learned some communication method with the dog and barked to talk to it.

Simon praised Pudding was smart and described it as a “movie queen”: “Pudding is a female and deserves Best Actress and Best Newcomer awards in 2020 Hong Kong Film Awards. (Have you check with the movie king?) It does not matter. It is most important that the audiences will tolerate, feel the love and remain loyal after watching the film.” In addition prior to the shooting, Simon specially went to a School & Home for the Visually Impaired (盲人學校) in order to understand their inner thoughts and play his role character well.