Steven Cheung (張致恒) is involved in many complicated relationships lately and posted a public apology online not long ago. A few days ago, the reporters discovered Steven and his fiancee (雯雯) went to the law firm at Mong Kok and suspected to discuss about their marriage application.

On 2nd August 2019, Steven’s fiancee left a message expressing her thought: “I understand the full details and thank you for the concern all along. After a serious consideration, my son’s growth is the most essential and please give us some privacy. It is an important lesson to us and we go through ups and downs together during this period of time. Hopefully he will become a good father and bear the responsibility since proceeding to another stage. We will strive to be good parent and give a warmth family to our son. Please give us time to become good parent and what matters most is my son is growing up healthily. For the sake of our son, we will walk one step forward slowly.”