Joe Cheng (鄭敬基) and his wife, Angie went into a cafe with two friends after shopping at Causeway Bay on 29th July 2019. While sitting down on a table, their conversation about migration and children education was overheard and it was uncertain if it was because of Hong Kong protests problems. As Joe is a Canadian, he is definitely the best person to seek for advice.

After sitting down for more than an hour, Joe took the lead to walk out of the cafe and made the first move to accept an interview upon discovering the reporters’ presence. His wife and two friends left first and Joe said: “I really want to protect the ladies and pregnant women after last Sunday. (Aren’t you worried about the company giving you a lecture since your contract with TVB remains valid?) As citizens, we ought to show our concern and should not be afraid.” He then entered into a commercial building together with his wife.